Company Case Study on Working Parents and the Corona Crisis

In this qualitative case study, you will be taken through the main learnings shared after the Corona lockdown by representatives from 13 diverse Danish companies. The main focus has been on learnings related to working parents, however, the results and conclusions reach far beyond handling the aforementioned working parents in the future.


Generally, working parents have been challenged by the Corona lockdown, however it turns out that they have come out of the lockdown mentally healthier and more empowered than expected.

Among the many insights, we here draw out four dominant conclusions from the case study, that we predict will be crucial insights for HR and management in implementing new HR-policies Post-Corona.

Not surprisingly, Flexibility will be in higher demand post-corona, as both employees and employers have discovered several positive results of increased flexibility for all employee groups.

As a result of the lockdown, management is moving towards more value-based leadership principles, with “nude” leadership, de-centralization, employee self-leadership, and archetypical feminine valuesgaining more importance in the future. 

Interpersonal communication and meeting culture have faced a fast-paced change during the lockdown, as virtual meeting attendance
has gained importance, setting new standards for meetings, social cohesion and 1-to-1 communication between manager and employee.

Finally, the Corona lockdown has shown a new gender inclusion opportunity, as the issues above are now affecting both genders and hence will create a more level corporate playing field for men and women in the future.