Realizing feminine potential

At Potential Company, we help companies tune in to their women – and women tune in to their companies. Our area of expertise includes gender equality, work/life-integration and work culture transformation.

To us, the gender diversity agenda in the workplace is much like implementing e.g. productivity principles in the production line. We should not feel sorry for women or feel wronged because of the current lack of gender equality in most work places. Status quo has its historic and societal reasons, for better and for worse. What we can do now is to question status quo and make the required changes and transformations in order to capitalize on obvious profit potentials, both for the women, for their employers, and for society in general.

We create workshops and offer strategic advice alongside process facilitation for companies that wish to succeed with women and diversity.


We are currently on the outlook for partners to publish the book of Lisbeth Odgaard Madsen, MOTHERS WITH AMBITION, in English. Please read a short abstract here >>