We increase gender diversity through the potentials of working parents

We help companies and organisations step wisely in the minefield between gender, careers, and the combination of work- and family lives. This triangle is the last diversity nut that remains uncracked, and hence organisations of all sizes face problems retaining talents because of issues related to e.g. parental leave, work-life-balance, or clashes between the values or priorities of workplace and talents.

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We uncover blindspots and potentials in organisations that wish to improve wellbeing and diversity for everyone while using working parents as mission spearheads. 


We train management, HR and working parent employees to communicate efficiently and show a flexible mindset to one and other - for the sake of diversity.


We inspire management and society at large with inconvenient truths and mind provoking questions to boost diversity from a yet to be uncovered angle in most organisations: That of combining work and family seamlessly.