We create diversity in the cross field between strategy, anthropology and organizational psychology

At Potential Company our mission is to create even career playing fields regardless of whether you are a working father or mother. 

We do this by developing solutions for workplaces and their employees with a starting point in the cross field between work- and family lives. This cross field remains the "nut" that still remains uncracked on the road towards gender diversity and inclusion in companies and organisations, and towards gender equality in society at large.

With the increasing competition for talented employees, attracting and retaining a diverse talent base has never been more important. It remains one of the most business critical HR and management challenges of these years.
Our services are based on 3 dogmas:
- Well-being for all genders in the organization
- Great work lives for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, cultural belonging and civil status.
- Family creation as a central handle for creating gender diversity at all levels in the organisation
In all our projects and services, we work with entire workforce, ie. both men and women.

Passion led us here

Lisbeth Odgaard Madsen, Founder & CEO


Founder, leader, ideas woman, consultant - and very passionate about equality in society at large. My great interest in the topic started, when I lived in Colombia in Latinamerica as an exchange student at 15 y.o.

Author of the book "Ambitiøse Mødre" (Mothers with Ambition) which gives ambitious women an insight into how their rift between career and family has evolved, and how they can handle and eliminate it. 

When I am not an ambitious professional, I pick up my lovely kids from daycare and school, I try to be the lovely wife we all want to be - or try to squeeze some exercize into a busy family life. Or spend time as a socalled "Gym mom" waiting for my kids at some gymnastics training session somewhere in Copenhagen...


Mob: +45 5098 4221
Email: lom(a)potentialco.dk

Read more about the book "Ambitiøse Mødre"

Marianne Thiel Persson, Project leader

MA (Ed)

Project leader focusing on helping workplaces retain and motivate employees on (their way to) parental leave. 

I am passionate about create a better framework for living as an entire modern human being, with high ambitions both profesionally and privately. 

When not working, I dedicate my time to my lovely family: My three kids, my husband, my mother, two sisters with families plus my beloved in-laws.  When the children grow up, I dream of returning behind my piano and maybe also starting a choir. 

Sidsel Vinther Breau, Project leader


I currently dedicate my work to sociological research on diversity, wellbeing, work- and family lives, and on different aspects of working parents at large.  

I am passionate about creating larger flexibility in the workplace, so employees in all phases of life can be the entire human beings they indeed are. 

Outside of work, I live with my husband and our three boys, and most of my spare time goes with keeping them happy. This means that I have recently aquainted myself with the rules of baseball, and I now know most of the guitar chords to accompany lots of childrens songs. 

Pernille Secher Mosbech, Project assistant

Anthropologist, M.Sc.

Anthropologist specialized in Nordic welfare states, family, gender and masculinities. My work is currently focused on preparations for the implementation of the EU directive that earmarks paternity leave in 2022. In the “Far-Barsel” project we are working on kickstarting discussions and reflections about paternity leave in male dominated fields of work in rural parts of Denmark.

I am very passionate about speaking and spending time with all kinds of people, and getting deep insights into their perspectives, worldviews and behavior. Putting these insights to use by creating solutions that work as intended is not half bad either.

When out of office I like to swim in the ocean all year round. I enjoy travelling to new places, cooking and eating good food with friends and family, going to concerts and reading books from different parts of the world with fellow anthropologists in our nerdy book club.

Among our clients are...: